Success and growth for tech ventures

Technology competence, management expertise and financial investments for promising future ideas and business models: XAI technologies accompanies start-up teams and young companies on their way to growth and success.

Link Growth Investing & Strategy
Growth Investing
& Strategy

Growth needs capital and strategy. XAI provides growth-oriented companies with the necessary capital and strategic advice at all stages of development - from startups to SMEs.
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Link Entrepreneurial Management – Coaching & Consulting
Entrepreneurial Management – Coaching & Consulting

Founding teams are transformed into successful companies. With the XAI teams and their partners, they develop the necessary structures and find the right employees and networks.
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a rocket
Smart ventures & SME

The XAI teams want to see good ideas and inspiring business models that have the potential to grow further. XAI supports smart ventures and SMEs through a wide variety of forms of financing and involvement.
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Link - Global markets – unlocking potential
Global markets –
unlocking potential

XAI helps high-tech concepts to find  their worldwide markets. With us, start-ups and emerging companies can tap the potential of their ideas and business models and reach their customers.
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Our strengths

Disruptive innovations and the linking of different automation technologies are the growth accelerators of start-ups and small and medium-sized tech companies in a wide range of sectors.
Among other areas, XAI can support you in sectors as diverse as General Industries, Renewables, Electronics, Battery, MedTech, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Pharma, Transport, Traffic and more. Our technology and management expertise can stimulate the initial phase of your startup in a holistic way.


Towards the Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT)

Advanced Automation

On the path to cognitive architectures and ultra-smart automation

Artificial Intelligence

Huge market potential with new business models

Business Intelligence

Great potential with software technology to support decision-making processes

Data Analytics

Deep dive into data networks for efficent connected business processes

Machine Vision

A mega key market that is going to revolutionize life

Machine Learning

Self-learning systems provide the strategic breakthrough to the future

Industrie 4.0

Connected Intelligence represents the breakthrough in digital transformation

XAI – Excellent Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence as a source of innovation

In many respects, the brain as an ingenious control center is the inspiration for XAI.

Artificial intelligence is the driver of digital transformation - and has huge potential for new ideas and successful start-ups. XAI supports start-ups and growth-oriented companies with management, expertise, capital and technological knowledge to make their visions come true.

In XAI's network, they can find experts who help them to turn their ideas into successful business models and scale them up to become global players. XAI has the necessary longstanding expertise and understands the future high technological potential for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Business Intelligence and Industry 4.0.


Guide to success

Enis Ersü is at the heart of XAI - an experienced mentor who can help start-up teams and growth-oriented companies to greater success. He knows the path because he has walked it himself.

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Brilliant ideas become reality

We believe in the brilliant ideas of innovative talents, entrepreneurs and companies. We can empower you to realize your vision and grow your business.

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Entrepreneurial development with substance

XAI has what tech start-ups and companies need for long-term growth - capital, technology expertise, knowledge of the markets, together with experience in management and the conception and realization of business models.


Key industries for our business

Technology is our passion. XAI supports start-ups and emerging companies to enter the market in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Business Intelligence and Industry 4.0.

"Everything is impossible until
someone does it."

Nelson Mandela

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