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There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing your own idea becoming real. Any obstacles in the way will be removed by your ideas and our experience.

Holistic development with expertise

Technological expertise, management experience and investment

Technology is set to transform our modern world at a dramatic pace. Talented people with disruptive ideas are discovering their potential and developing revolutionary applications for the mega-markets of the future.

For promising ideas to become successful business models, they often need

Expert support for technological details,
Management support,
Strategic support on the way to their market
and capital to enable the next step.

XAI wants to work with you to fully exploit the business potential of your ideas. As an experienced partner and with our network, we will take your start-up idea to the next level.

Enis Ersü

Visionary for more than 45 years

From the young engineer's first start-up idea to an internationally active machine vision leader, Enis Ersü has the experience of how strategy, an inventive spirit and innovation can lead to long-term growth. Drawing on the extensive business and technology network he has built over the past 45 years, emerging European technology companies are finding collaborative support for their journey into global markets.

The brain
as role model

For Enis Ersü, controlling hand-eye coordination is the most significant human ability - a challenge that the brain masters seemingly effortlessly. Transferring this complex task as perfectly as possible to machine coordination has been his driving force for many years.

Enis Ersü studied at the Technical University of Darmstadt and initially worked as a young development engineer in the aerospace industry. As a research assistant, he was one of the pioneers specializing in neural networks and their industrial applications in robotics and machine vision for hand-eye coordination. This was his first significant step into the future markets of Advanced Smart Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

become reality

To transform his knowledge into market-ready, technical systems, Enis Ersü founded ISRA VISION in 1985. Even back then, he recognized in machine vision an important, strategic field of application for of artificial intelligence - the mega market of the future. 3D robot vision systems and technologies for surface inspection from ISRA VISION set benchmarks worldwide and have made the company a global player. Close collaboration with leading universities and innovation centers was just as much a part of Ersü’s growth strategy as acquisitions and integrations to strengthen the core business and open up new markets.

Machine Vision has become one of the key technologies for revolutionary change in industry. Enis Ersü is confident that future potentials will develop exponentially by combining the technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Business Intelligence and Industry 4.0. XAI is deliberately focusing on these huge potentials. Naturally, XAI is equally open to any future-oriented business model initiative, such as new software architectures or technologies like embedded systems.

Networkers & Sponsors

Over the years, Enis Ersü has met and worked with many experts to develop and realize visions. This has resulted in a global network that spans a wide range of industries and four continents - from Europe to Asia. He has also been involved in numerous industry associations and clubs as well as in the Chamber of Commerce for the business community and has established valuable contacts.

At the same time, he has never lost touch with his entrepreneurial origins. He is integrating his experience in business start-ups at the TU Darmstadt and actively initiating technology transfer and cooperations.


Numerous honors for innovation and entrepreneurship

Driven by their belief in the huge potential of artificial intelligence, Enis Ersü and his team at ISRA VISION have developed into a global player over the years.

Innovation Prize Hessen 1995

Innovation Award of German Industry 2015

Hessen Champion 2012

EY Entrepreneur of The Year 2017 - Finalist

The technological milestones, unbroken innovation power and revolutionary developments are reflected in the more than 30 awards that ISRA VISION and Enis Ersü have received for innovation, technology and growth.

Xai Vision

On the right growth course and high-speed mission

Sailing is a complex sport. Our partners and our entrepreneurs are always looking forward to learn more from the best regarding the tactics and strategies on the sea. Maneuvers during a race are very similar to a growth path for technology startups. Our entrepreneurs have to act like the skipper of XAI VISION responsible for setting the course, reading the wind conditions, and making decisions with far-reaching consequences, very similar to managing a young tech company.

The team is responsible for setting the right sails at the right moment, clearing the decks and much more. Everyone needs to know exactly what their task is as well as when and how quickly they have to perform it. When things get stressful, everyone needs to pull together and everyone needs to know what to do. Sailing has a lot in common with our and your business. The challenges are similar. A winning course is also a result of extensive training and passion. Especially training is important to prepare the future. Growth and success do not come by chance. Let us sail and train together to the next top mark and have the tack at the right moment. You will see you will be very well prepared with the team of XAI technologies. We are looking forward to our joint maneuvers with XAI VISION and its team.