XAI opens the door to growth

From smart idea to global player in the markets of the future is a long journey. With business experience, capital and strategic expertise, XAI accompanies founders and start-ups, smart ventures and SMEs on their path to success in the future.


Investments &
Growth Strategy

Technology companies need capital to take their business to the next level and a strategy for sustainable growth. XAI can give promising technology companies both – to support their agile development. From start-ups to emerging SMEs, XAI supports many kinds of growth with financing, involvement and integrated strategy consulting - even after making the investment. Through management consulting,networking partners and expertise, XAI continuously develops its investments. Our knowledge is an important bridge in joint negotiations with financial partners or financing institutions.


Entrepreneurial Management
Coaching & Consulting

A great idea cannot make a successful business on its own. Even after a detailed analysis of the market potential, bringing a good idea to market maturity is a challenge in itself. The growing company needs to be organized, a team built up and the right employees found. On top of that, marketing and PR are required to publicize and sell innovations. With the innovation and R&D budget, financial planning can become more robust.

XAI understands the challenges of starting a business and has the experience to turn technology ideas into viable business models. We accompany start-ups from the foundation to the growth phase, with access to markets, partners and business networks to support recruitment and the development of growth-oriented structures - to make the initial phases more agile and to be able to concentrate on the important steps of growth.


Smart ventures &
SME financing

XAI and our network partners share a passion for intelligent ideas with potential. Using our experience in financing and business development, we aim to accompany these ideas on their way to becoming successful business models.

We support smart ventures and SMEs financially at all stages of development. From venture capital in various forms to mezzanine financing, for example in the form of convertible bonds, or even silent partnerships.


Unlocking global markets &

Detailed analysis of the target market is essential for the global success of a product or product portfolio. Growth-oriented entrepreneurs can use our network to analyze, understand and tap the market potential of their ideas.

XAI has experience in global markets and lets high-tech founders and emerging high-tech companies in Europe profit from it - as an impulse generator on their way into the world's markets.

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